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We provide fast marijuana delivery in Vancouver.

Within 30 – 60 Minutes or less we discretely deliver cannabis right to your door.

Call us for fast weed Vancouver. We do pot delivery professionally.

Not just same day marijuana but same hour marijuana. That’s some fast weed delivery in Vancouver.

Not to belabour the point but cannabis, weed, ganja, pot, or marijuana delivery in Vancouver is a reality.

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Marijuana home delivery in Vancouver did not exist. It was a cold dark rainy November day in Vancouver. It was a Sunday and I was feeling under the weather and I needed some medicine (medical marijuana); like many other Canadians I have some health issues and marijuana makes me feel better. What to do?… I needed pot but did not feel well enough to leave my house.

Then I thought there is probably allot of people who want to have marijuana delivered to them for one reason or another and there should be a service to deliver premium marijuana right to their door.

Thats how Potdash.ca began the first 60 minute marijuana home delivery service in Vancouver.

Our mission is to provide only premium top self marijuana with pricing comparable or cheaper than the dispensaries with quick, reliable, discreet, free delivery.