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Two months after marijuana was legalized in Canada, Vancouver is still waiting for its first retail pot shops to open.

That could soon change, however, as the B.C. government confirms five of the 40 applications it’s received from prospective stores in the city could get provincial approval as early as this week — though it could still be a couple more months at least before those stores are allowed to open for business.

Under the law, dispensaries looking to operate in B.C. need a development permit and retail licences from both the province and the city. Once the provincial application is approved, the final step is to obtain a municipal business licence, which is unlikely to happen before the new year.

Vancouver’s wait for dispensaries has been particularly fraught as it’s watched cities like Kimberley and Kamloops welcome both government-run and privately owned stores.

Last week, a B.C. Supreme Court judge ordered all Vancouver dispensaries operating without a licence to shut down, putting the city’s lack of a legal store under the microscope.

B.C. Solicitor General Mike Farnworth said there are good reasons for the delay, citing the lengthy background check process needed for applications to ensure there are no links to organized crime.


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